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Hair Extensions


hairBeautiful, Natural 100% Human Hair Extensions.

Now you can instantly add the volume and length you’ve always wanted with the finest quality premium hair extensions from Unique Hair Solutions. And with our exclusive non-damaging application techniques, you can achieve your dreams for long, beautiful hair without damaging your natural hair.

Our exclusive Hair Extensions are hand crafted from 100% human hair so your

hair extensions will make you feel more self-confident, sexy and secure than ever before.
Achieve increased hair volume and have long, thick, healthy, beautiful looking hair. With hair extensions, there is no need to limit your active lifestyle in any way. Enjoy all of the activities you currently enjoy such as swimming, fitness, jogging, and much more. You can also choose between wearing your hair up

Gorgeous Body. Amazing Length. Limitless Style.

Hair extensions aren’t just for Hollywood celebrities. Models, actresses, and women just like you love hair extensions, because they can make your hair instantly longer or thicker, and provide increased hair volume where you want it. Unique Hair Solutions offers hair extensions that are made from 100% natural human hair, which are available in a variety of hair lengths, textures and colors. And with our exclusive application method, Our hair extensions are absolutely the gentlest way to lengthen and thicken your hair without damaging your own natural growing hair.

Beautiful, Natural Results

With Unique Hair Solutions Extensions, your options are limited only by your imagination. Whether it’s for a special occasion or to look special on every occasion. Now you can have…

  • Long or short hair
  • Straight or curly hair
  • Streaked or colored hair
  • Hair removal is easy and stress free!
  • No damage or risk
  • Comfortable, undetectable attachment

Unlike traditional or clip in extensions, which were often sewn into or bonded to your natural hair, Unique Hair Solutions uses a adhesive method to attach the extension to your hair, making them much more “hair friendly,” particularly for women with fine or thinning hair.

At Unique Hair Solutions, California, we can apply a full head application in under 1hr.

Amazing Hair Awaits!
What could a little extra length or a little more volume or highlights or low-lights do for your hair? What could they do for your appearance? At Unique Hair Solutions, it’s easy to find out because the process takes so little time. You’ll be able to explore all the various hairstyles that that you’ve always dreamed about.