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Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What method of extensions do you offer?

A: We offer several different methods of extensions. A Semi-permanent flat bond which you can shower and sleep in and wear up too several months with maintenance, Clip-ins for immediate volume and length (removable), And beaded extensions.


Q: How long do extensions last before maintenance?

A: With proper care they can last up to 6-8weeks depending on the growth of your hair but are re-useable up too about 3-4 applications depending on how stressed the hair is.


Q: Is the hair reusable?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I use heat tools on my hair extensions?

A: Yes, all of our extensions are 100% human hair. But a heat protector is recommended.


Q: How often should I wash my hair?

A: Depending on your lifestyle (i.e. Swimming, working out daily, etc ) may require more than the average washing.  Which is 2-3 times a week.


Q: How long is the application service?

A: Average time 45min-1hr.


Q: What products do you recommended for my extensions?

A: Any good color safe shampoo & conditioner is recommended to help preserve the color & sheen of the hair.


Q: If I have curly or textured hair can I still wear extensions?

A: Yes, we offer custom wavy, curly and textured hair upon special request.


Q: How do I maintain my hair while sleeping?

A: A low pony tail or braid is recommended while sleeping to prevent any tangling or friction.


Q: How much does Hair Extensions cost?

A: whether you want it for length or for fullness that will determine your cost. Please call us for your free consultation and viewing of our hair.