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About Us




Raquel Calderon
Manager/Master Stylist

Meet Raquel Calderon a master stylist who has been in the Hair Replacement industry for 9 yrs and counting. But who has been raised in the beauty shop atmosphere ever since she has been a young child. She is the third generation beautician in her family. Her mother who has been in the industry for over 25 yrs and her grandmother who has been in the industry for over 45 years. Holy cow! It has always been in her genes to become a master with hair. She always knew how to handle any beauty tool she was handed.  At the young Age of 19 raquel pursued her dream and checked into beauty school. 2 long years of tough hair replacement training and she was officially licensed soon after. Now 28 years old she has come together with her grandmother to pursue her own business in hair replacement. Raquel is known for her expertise and phenomenal skills with wigs, hairpieces, and her knowledge of hair extensions and mens hair replacement. She’s known for taking a shabby wig and turning it into a beautiful sleek style. She’s not afraid of learning new things and encourages anyone to challenge her with any hair needs.

Connie Salvago

Meet Connie Salvago, in 1965 she started her journey becoming a hairstylist. In 1989 Connie opened up her own salon in Redwood City, CA with her one and only daughter whom is also a hairdresser.  After 22 years she closed her salon due to new ownership at the shopping center she was at. Her passion for people and hair didn’t stop her. She now has continued her new business venture with her granddaughter Raquel at Unique Hair Solutions in San Mateo, Ca. Due to her many years of being behind the chair she has decided to slow down and manage her new business venture. Although the hair replacement business is somewhat new to Connie, she see’s the passion her granddaughter has for helping people who are in need. They encourage you to come and see what Unique Hair Solutions is all about.